Do you have a passion?

As my skill increases in programming I find my creativity dwindling. I used to have big ideas and no ability to see them through. Now that I can do pretty much anything I can think of, I often have a hard time finding inspiration. That was until I started seeing weekend code camps where developers get together and donate their time and skill to fill a need. Seeing that opened my eyes to the possibilities.

Looking around with fresh awareness I see so many instances where charities and non-profits and even individuals are putting everything they have on the line to work for a cause in which they deeply believe. Often these people and groups are doing what they can on small or no budgets. They can’t afford or may not be aware of the amazing tools that are out there for them to use to help them achieve their goals. Simple things could mean the difference between shouting to an empty room and meaningfully connecting with more people.

Find a cause that has personal meaning to you. Getting involved doesn’t have to be an extensive commitment. A small effort on your part could change or even save a life.

Give Camp: Coding for Charity
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I am not affiliated with Give Camp. I’m just a fan.


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