NuPack for Visual Studio

I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets flying around regarding the CTP release of NuPack. If you’re not familiar with this project, I highly recommend taking a quick look at it. The basic premise of the project is this: make it easier for developers to integrate 3rd party components into their projects. Novel idea, huh?

I can hear a late-night pitch commercial for it already:

Tired of spending hours on the Internet researching components for your brilliant new project? Hate digging through pages and pages of comments to find the correct configuration setting? Wish there was a way to easily add features to your project so you can concentrate on other things? Well now there’s NuPack! It’s a .NET developer’s dream! It takes just minutes to install and it gives you access to a wealth of new features to choose from for your next big thing! Try it today!*
*Use of NuPack is not recommended for Perl developers, those who are or are expecting to become Rails evangelists, and program managers.

NuPack! Dependency resolution is only a click away!


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