My Second CodePlex Project: MicroLinq

I decided to bite the bullet and just upload my source code to CodePlex. I created a new project called MicroLinq. Even if it does end up being a shell of a project, if at least 1 other person finds it useful then it was worth the effort.

The project is pretty sparse at the moment. I’ll add to the documentation as time goes on. For now you can browse the code through the web and most of the Linq extensions are commented. There’s also other code which might be interesting to browse.

I’ve created a release of the initial compiled code and put it in the downloads section. The ZIP file contains Debug and Release builds for the three projects in both Big Endian and Little Endian flavors.

The source files build against .NET Micro Framework 4.1 and the project format is Visual Studio 2010.

I would prefer comments, feedback and issues be posted directly to the CodePlex project and not in the blog. This way the information will be consolidated and easily viewable by anyone interested in the project.

I hope it’s useful!


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