New MicroLinq Build Released Today

I just posted a new MicroLinq build. I’d like to call it a release candidate but I haven’t put in enough testing or gotten enough response on the project yet. I did get a thorough review from Corey Kosak on the Netduino Forums and I’ve implemented most of his recommendations.

This release features significant performance increases in the OrderBy extension by switching from bubble sort to quick sort. In addition there is an extra overload which allows a Comparer delegate to be passed. This will perform much better when the objects to be compared are not marked as IComparable. Objects which have no public way to compare can also be sorted by passing in a Comparer delegate.

The NearlyGenericArrayList and ParallelForEach remain in their own projects in the solution and build to their own libraries. These are more for my own experimentation that I don’t mind others seeing than to be seriously considered. The NGAL might disappear altogether now that the OrderBy extension is implemented and became more versatile than having a specific Sort method.

Overall this build should be the most efficient and stable version released. I use it in its current form tinkering around on my Netduino board.

Please check it out if you’re doing any .NET Micro Framework projects and let me know how it’s performing!



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  1. thanks

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