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Windows 8 and Wireless Display (WiDi) Not Working

Devices Charm showing the option to add a wireless display.

Wireless Display Support in Windows 8

I just spent way too many hours trying to figure out why every blog post on the subject of using a wireless display claims there was a link to “Add a wireless display” in the Devices charm under the Project option but not on my machine. I recently bought a Samsung UN55H7150 television that had screen mirroring capability and my HP TouchSmart 15t laptop claimed to support wireless displays but for some reason I couldn’t make them work.

If you’re having this problem, I’ll save you the effort of figuring it out: you’ve got a virtual network driver installed that is mucking with this capability. I ran across a reference in a blog saying they had trouble after installing their company VPN software. I thought maybe it might be that but then I realized this hasn’t worked since I installed Oracle VirtualBox. I tried disabling the driver but that didn’t seem to do anything. After uninstalling VirtualBox completely, the option was again available.

I can’t tell you how many hours over how many days I lost to this as I would attempt to figure it out, get frustrated, give up and then try again another day but it was too many.

If the “add a wireless display” option is missing from your Windows 8 machine and you’re sure you have hardware capable of supporting WiDi or Miracast, look at your installed software and remove anything that added a networking driver.

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Web Api Progressive Download on GitHub and NuGet

In a previous post I wrote an example library for ASP.NET Web Api that would handle HTTP requests that could contain RANGE headers. I just published the code on GitHub and have made a signed, release build package on NuGet.

You can find usage information in the Progressive Download GitHub repository. The latest build is dependent on the WebApi Client and Core version 5.0.0 NuGet packages and the Newtonsoft.Json version 4.5.11 NuGet package. Hopefully this will let people leverage the library without upgrading their dependencies.

The solution on GitHub contains 100% code coverage tests which I’ve been running before I commit the code or publish a package to NuGet.

Check the previous post on the topic about limitations of the System.Net.Http.ByteRangeStreamResult class or any other particulars. I would recommend this path for progressive downloads than my aging attempts to replicate the functionality in MVC.

Feedback is welcome.