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Custom Folder ContentType in Bamboo File Share Library Displays Debug Rendering

In a previous post I wrote about creating a child content type of the BambooFileShareLibrary content type. This was to enable items created in SharePoint via the Bamboo File Share timer job to be set to the custom content type directly and make the additional fields immediately available when users view and edit items.

While following similar steps to make these same fields available when folders were created through the UI, I ran into an unusual problem. The control hierarchy of the page was being written to the output and the text rendered in the browser!

What I Did to Trigger the Problem
To get the functionality I was looking for, I created a new content type based on the Folder (0x0120) content type. I then added the site columns used in the previously mentioned child content type. When the new folder content type was added to the File Share Library, I saw output I wasn’t expecting. I tried the same content type on another document library and it worked as expected.

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