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Do you localize documentation?

I have a couple projects on CodePlex. Occasionally I check the stats to see if the projects are being used and, if so, from where the traffic comes.

On my MicroLinq project I see a good amount of traffic from a Japanese blog. The blog is purely in Japanese and doesn’t translate well enough from Google for me to understand it. The blurb about the project is very short and just mentions it but it still results in some traffic.

The CodePlex stats aren’t really clear enough to me to see if these visits are just hitting the main page and bailing out or if they are reading the English or are interested enough to have the text translated.

I’m curious how others deal with this. Translations to Asian languages are hard enough for common speech. Technical speech is much more difficult. Do authors expect others to be interested enough from a short blurb to go through the trouble of trying to translate? Do you hope for a dedicated bilingual project follower syndicate documentation?

As a first step I’m going to have basic boilerplate welcoming language and a short explanation of the project. Hopefully that will be enough to engage with people who might otherwise just pass up the project.

I’m interested in hearing opinions on this.